ELEMIS Peptide 24/7 Range

The ELEMIS Peptide 24/7 skincare range has been developed to support your skin 24 hours a day. When the Peptide 24/7 products are used together, they work to support your skin’s defence system throughout the day and promote repair overnight. 

By working around the clock for your skin, the peptide range delivers skin that looks and feels fresh, healthy and renewed. The all-round support helps to boost your skin’s natural processes, whether that be by promoting collagen production, fighting free radicals or inhibiting melanin production.

When you use the ELEMIS Peptide cream, serum, mask or peel you will visibly notice the difference within your skin. Their unique peptide formulation works with the skin’s natural circadian rhythms, helping to maximise its natural function and counteract the disruptive impacts of our modern lives.

What Are Polypeptides?

Peptides are best understood as small chemical compounds composed of short-chain amino acids — the foundation of proteins. Peptides will tell your cells to produce more collagen — which is one of the major building blocks of your skin.

Peptides are, in essence, fragmented portions of protein and those fragments of collagen stimulate more collagen growth. Complete, non-fragmented proteins — like collagen — cannot be absorbed through the top layer of skin. As such, smaller proteins like peptide are able to be topically absorbed on a cellular level.

How to use ELEMIS Peptide Cream & Other Products

ELEMIS Peptide products come in day and night ranges, as well as eye and general skin care. Depending on the product, apply during the day or evening after cleansing.

ELEMIS Peptide Day Range

The Peptide⁴ Adaptive Day Cream is a feather-light moisturiser that delivers a burst of cooling hydration that primes the skin. You will be left with smooth, healthy and hydrated skin for the rest of the day.

The skin’s oil production typically peaks in the early afternoon, which can lead to excess shine around the t-zone of your face. This ELEMIS Peptide day range is a multi-tasking moisturiser that adapts to the skin’s needs throughout the day.

It will keep your complexion looking balanced and smooth, all while minimising the appearance of  pores throughout the day. A key ingredient within the ELEMIS peptide day range includes mineral microspheres that absorb excess oil, leaving a mattifying effect that does not leave your skin feeling dry.

The second key ingredient is the Peptide4 complex, based on a cold-pressed honesty seed oil that helps support the skin’s moisture barrier. The Swiss botanical extracts found in the range also includes butterfly bush, thyme and mallow to assist in maintaining the skin’s natural defence against the environment. 

The ELEMIS Peptide 24/7 range also features extracted seed oil from the beautiful Night Scented Stock flower, which is a first of its kind within cosmeceuticals.

ELEMIS Peptide Night Range

The Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil offers the moisturising benefits of a cream with the protection of an oil. Together, they combine to deliver much needed support, repair and renewal to achieve a balanced complexion.

Your skin follows a natural circadian rhythm. It creates a wave of activity that tells cells to perform processes at specific times of the day. Two of the most important processes occur at night; the repair and renewal of your skin.

It is critical to supporting the timing of this process so that your skin’s health is balanced. ELEMIS peptide night products are inspired by these circadian rhythms. Your everyday lifestyle, environment and sleep patterns all affect your rhythm and the health of your skin and so the peptide products have been developed to support these natural functions and restore balance.

There are times when your body is out of rhythm with your skin and sleep. The synchronising night cream-oil blends by ELEMIS contain rich ingredients such as perilla seed oil, omega 3, vitamin E and antioxidants that all combine to make your skin feel rebalanced, restored and replenished.

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