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Ancient Therapy Hot Stones

Do you imagine being left on a table while scalding stones slowly lose their heat on your back? Don’t worry, you can rest assured this is most definitely the case!

Hot stone massage therapy is a widely-practised technique. Its modern prevalence is thanks to an American massage therapist who coined her “LaStone Therapy” in 1993 and then spread the method across the world. Though the general practice of hot stone massage originated far earlier, with roots in ancient China 2,000yrs ago, hints of use in India around 5,000yrs ago and variations present across African, Native American, Japanese and many other cultures world-wide.

How Hot Stone Massage Works

Smooth, even basalt river rocks are used during the massage treatment. These porous stones have been evenly smoothed by nature and are great at retaining heat due to their higher iron and magnesium levels. The basalt stones are heated until they reach a temperature of 53c, which is the ideal temperature for use in a hot stone massage and does not burn or leave marks. 

Though various styles have developed over the years, our unique approach blends therapeutic massage techniques with strategic stone placements across the body. Our hot stone massage treatment involves placing small stones on key energy points whilst massaging warmed oils deep into the muscles.

The added benefit of the localised weight and heat of the stones allows your therapist to apply deeper pressure to muscles without discomfort.

The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Thousands of years of practice can’t be wrong! Hot stone massage has been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits and many clients turn into hot stone-devotees following their first treatment. The addition of heat helps enhance the benefits of traditional massage, including:

  • Relaxed muscles and reduced signs of pain

  • Better and deeper sleep

  • Increased flexibility and mobility

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Is Hot Stone Massage Safe?

We practice all our treatments in a safe and professional manner, with proven techniques that provide relaxing results. We take safety very seriously though and do wish to highlight that hot stone massages are not for everyone. It is best to consult our team at time of booking and raise any concerns you may have. If you have any on-going medical conditions, we highly recommend consulting with your doctor prior to booking any treatments. It is not advised that pregnant women participate in hot stone massages and instead we offer a dedicated massage treatment for expectant mothers. With a wide range of massage day spa options available at our Melbourne CBD location, we are confident we can provide you with a luxurious and rejuvenating experience – hot or not.

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NOVEMBER 9, 2018