EXPERIENCE OUR signature ELEMIS massage and body treatments in MELBOURNE City

Botanica Wellness Spa has a carefully curated range of Elemis massages and body treatments to relax and improve your wellbeing. Be transported with aromatic oil blends, rich in active ingredients combined with unparalleled expertise in massage therapy. Visit us for a massage in Melbourne CBD. Our team will leave you feeling revitalised and re-energised through complete restoration.

Botanica’s curated range of treatments are available for any and everybody. (P) denotes if the treatment is safe for pregnancy.

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Massage spa treatments are the perfect meeting of physical and mental relaxation. Not only are they an opportunity to unwind, but they have innumerable health benefits. 

Alleviate Stress From Muscle Tension 

Our spa and massage therapies work wonders in reducing stress levels. Massage therapy is imperative to alleviating the body from held tension, aches and pains. Through massage techniques our therapists are able to stimulate detoxification and draw out excess water, wastes and bacteria from your muscles. Releasing stress from tense muscles improves the blood flow throughout the body, encouraging circulation of oxygenated rich blood and relieving pressure and congestion. Leave all your troubles at our bespoke Botanica Day Spa. We will knead them away, and you can walk out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in both body and mind. 

Regular Massages Strengthen Immune System

Regular massages not only relieve tension and encourages a healthy mind and body, but boost immunity. The flushing of toxins works wonders in increasing the number of white blood cells which are critical to fighting disease and reducing cortisol. Regular full body massages are particularly rewarding for long term body benefits. The consistent process of detoxification can strengthen your immune system and reduce levels of stress hormone cortisol. Treatments including our Muscle Melt Relaxation Massage are the perfect solution for those looking to promote overall health. 

Ease Chronic And Acute Pain

The combined efforts of massage therapy and hot stones have been used in natural medicines for centuries. Hot stone massage benefits are particularly useful for improving pain; from chronic to acute. The almost sedative effect of this massage technique can be experienced in our Hot Stone Relaxation Massage and the Botanical Escape [Signature] (V). Regular foot massage benefits include reducing and alleviating certain diseases, stressors and pains experienced elsewhere in the body. This application of pressure to areas of the feet can be experienced as part of the Botanica Escape [Signature] (V) or as an add on to any massage of your choice.

Improve Posture

Many sore spots for muscle and joint ache and pains actually contribute to poor posture. Personalised massage experiences can majorly improve specific areas of discomfort and concern. The Wellbeing Massage is our tailored massage designed to specifically focus on those tension spots you have.

Essential For Self Care

While the innumerable health benefits speak for themselves, massage treatments are the perfect addition to any self-care ritual. Melt into our tranquil therapies in deluxe treatment rooms to experience complete relaxation. Leave feeling completely fulfilled and nourished. Massages are an opportunity to open ourselves up to achieving a meditative state of reflection. Offering our bodies a much-needed time to rejuvenate and re-energise. Experience the nourishing physical and mental benefits of our massage therapies in our inner-city oasis. Melt into complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Visit Us For The Best Massage Melbourne CBD Has To Offer

Conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD, our massage day spa is an ideal stop off after work. With most CBD businesses being office workers, our treatments are the perfect break between meetings or to end a big work day. We will work with you on improving your tired muscles, back and neck pain or any built-up stresses from the day. We offer Corporate Wellness spa packages to both Melbourne and Australia-wide companies who are interested in spa massage packages to encourage healthy employees and workplaces.