Wellness Massage

Oil blends rich in actives and transportive aromatics are combined with an unparalleled level of expertise in massage and conditioning. Tailored to each individual for healthy, revitalised skin and deeply eased muscles.

Botanica offers a carefully curated range of treatments for everybody. (P) Denotes if the treatment is safe for pregnancy. (V) Denotes if the treatment is vegan friendly.

Massage and spa treatments not only provide physical and mental relaxation but also offer several health benefits. Our spa and massage therapies help to release stress by improving the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Regular massage has been known to help to relieve tension and encourage a healthy mind and body. Our aim is to ensure that when you leave Botanica all your troubles have been kneaded away and you feel refreshed and rejuvenated through your body and soul.

Regular spa and massage treatments can enhance your immune system. During a massage, your body's natural defence system is activated and works to draw out excess water, toxins, metabolic wastes and bacteria from your muscle tissue. Every time this detoxification occurs, it can help to reduce stress-related hormones and strengthen your immune system. Regular sessions of our Muscle Melt Relaxation Massage can help to stimulate these cleanses and promote overall health.

Massage treatments can help normalise blood flow. Regular engagement of deep muscles and release of tension build-up can help the required nutrients and oxygen to circulate throughout your body, reaching your muscles and joints. Hot Stone Massage is known for stimulating circulation and metabolic processes within the body, and the sedative-like effect from hot stone therapies can help ease chronic pain, promote relaxation and reduce stress. 

Spa and massage treatments can assist with incorrect posture. One of the most common reasons for poor posture is body and muscle aches and pains. Regular massage treatments can help you reduce the aches and pains you are experiencing in your legs, back, and neck. An excellent massage to deal with this is the Wellbeing Massage, which is a customised massage to target personal needs and reduce specific stress and tension within the body.

Located in Melbourne makes us an ideal wellness massage spa for office workers. We regularly have employees join us on their breaks or after work with tight muscles, back and neck pain, and built-up stress from their day at work. Regular massage has been shown to help reduce stress, promote overall health and improve mental well-being and we welcome employees to set time aside for their own relaxing activity. We offer Corporate Wellness packages to both Melbourne and Australia-wide companies who are interested in spa massage packages to encourage healthy employees and workplaces.

While the innumerable health benefits speak for themselves, massage treatments are also the perfect addition to any self-care ritual, offering a dedicated time for rest, relaxation, and reflection. By simultaneously nourishing our physical and mental health, we are opening ourselves up to achieving a meditative-like state of euphoric bliss. Experience the best massage Melbourne has to offer, as you melt into the ambient surrounds of our inner-city oasis.

Self-care should be a high priority to us all. When we allow our bodies the much-needed time to rejuvenate and reenergise, we centre ourselves and create a world of nourishment and fulfillment. From relaxation to deep tissue massage, our luxurious treatment menu caters to all. To achieve a heightened sense of relaxation and continue your journey towards a greater self-care ritual, book your next massage in Melbourne CBD with the world-renowned team at Botanica.