Meet Sue and Sofie, the savvy mother-daughter duo behind the brand of Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic.

Sofie discovered first hand that the world has a lot to offer and to uncover, travelling near and far. Sofie has gained first-hand experience working in the most opulent wellness spas and clinics around the world, noticing that Australia was missing the ultimate experience of what a spa could be. Sofie knew she had to introduce global elegance and innovative techniques back in Melbourne. Sue, the other half to this powerhouse duo, brought the 5-star Wellness Spa and Clinic to life. With a background in business and the au fait of what clients desired, their vision was unstoppable. 

A Wellness Spa and Clinic encapsulated by innovation, finesse mindful ingredients, active results, and a global benchmark for luxury.

With a mission at heart to better individuals’ mental health, confidence, self-worth, and self-love, they put their clients at the forefront of Botanica’s development. Sue and Sofie are committed to education, to evolve with what the world has on offer. To always bring the most sought after treatments, techniques and products to the menu.

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