Couples Spa journeys

Our exclusive massage treatments are designed to cater to the unique wellness needs of both men and women, making them the perfect solution for couples seeking an indulgent day of pampering.

Botanica offers a carefully curated range of treatments for everybody. (P) Denotes if the treatment is safe for pregnancy.

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Stepping into the tranquil oasis of Botanica Wellness Spa & Clinic, guests will discover a hidden gem amongst the vibrant streets of the city.Whether you’re seeking to find the perfect expression of love or are looking for the best couples day massage in Melbourne that offers the opportunity to restore and re-balance your sense of self, our team of professionals can guide you on your journey.Our couples massage treatments will ease both your mind and body into a state of calm and relaxation, with the sounds of harmonious music in our beautiful spa. A sense of improved well-being awaits our lucky couples, as they unlock the secrets to better health through therapeutic massage.

As a multi award-winning world luxury spa, Botanica offers an exclusive range of carefully curated treatments to deliver an elegant style of personalised luxury. Our team of internationally qualified wellness specialists have created a lavish couples day spa in Melbourne to deliver relaxation rituals, tailored to your needs. Allow the stressors of everyday life to melt away with a full body massage and soothing aromatherapy foot massage, as you relax side by side in harmony.

Massage techniques have been used for centuries to heal and nourish the mind, body and soul. Whether you indulge in a relaxing muscle melt massage or deep hot stone massage, you are choosing to experience the bountiful health benefits of a proven natural therapy. Embrace the healing properties of massage with your significant other, as you immerse your senses in the harmonious surrounds of luxurious Botanica.

A luxurious escape to a couples day spa offers more than just an unforgettable romantic experience. Smooth flowing techniques are used to boost circulation, helping to normalise blood flow and enhance the immune system. Through detoxification, stress-related hormones are reduced, helping to cleanse the body of toxins and enhance overall health.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of city living Botanica delivers a serene oasis, offering spa and massage treatments that assist in reducing body and muscle aches and pains. Our internationally qualified team of wellness specialists can incorporate deep hot stone massage within your couples treatments. During this restorative process, therapeutic heat is released gradually into the muscles, resulting in a state of euphoric relaxation. Perfectly warmed essential oils are massaged deeply into the body, while small stones are positioned on key energy points.

Additionally, our intensive deep tissue massage alleviates stress and revitalises the senses with powerful techniques tailored to your individual needs. Self-care plays an integral role in every healthy relationship. Regular massage treatments will assist in reducing anxiety and energising both the body and mind. After experiencing the restorative nature of this indulgent massage style, you’ll be the ultimate power couple, ready to embark on your next romantic journey.

Our couple’s spa packages are Melbourne’s most luxurious source of relaxation. Taking time out to rejuvenate your mind and body will leave both you and your significant other feeling refreshed and ready to explore the many wondrous attractions this beautiful city has to offer.If you’re searching for the perfect gift to treat that someone special to a couple’s massage experience in Melbourne CBD, our team of skilled therapists can offer tailor made solutions to transition your wellness to a place of tranquillity.