Couples day spa packages for shared spa experiences

Experience Botanica’s award-winning signature spa therapies, side by side with your special someone. Our couples spa journeys cater to the unique wellness needs of both women and men. Perfect for those seeking an indulgent pampering day shared with a partner, family member or friend.

Botanica offers a carefully curated range of treatments for everybody. (P) denotes if the treatment is safe for pregnancy.

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Step Into Our Tranquil Oasis; Botanica Wellness Spa And Clinic

Located in Melbourne CBD, Botanica is your tranquil urban oasis; your idyllic couples day spa in Melbourne cbd. As a multi-award winning luxury spa, Botanica offers an exclusive range of carefully curated massage and facial treatments. The perfect getaway to indulge in personalised wellness within our vibrant city. 

Experience The Best Couples Massage Melbourne CBD has To Offer

Botanica’s couples day spa treatments are the perfect opportunity for complete restoration. Rebalance your senses and melt into one of our idyllic body treatments. Enjoy in the company of your significant other, a close friend or family member. The reasons to lock in one of these award-winning therapies are plentiful.

Demonstrate How Much Someone Means To You

A massage treatment is the ultimate pamper gift. It shows someone how much you value their wellbeing, thereby how much you care for them. The Botanica day spa experiences are carefully curated to deliver personalised luxury. Provided by our team of qualified massage therapists, relish in the indulging wellness of Botanica’s massage therapies.  

Embrace The Spa Experience In The Company Of Others

Whilst the serenity of an individual massage is nothing but inviting, sharing this well needed pampering time with the one you love can make for a truly unique bonding experience. Our couples treatment room are spacious but comfy, so you can relax those aching muscles side by side in harmony. 

Destress And Reduce Body Aches And Pains

Massage techniques have a rich history in nourishing and alleviating muscle tension and soreness. A luxury spa escape at Botanica is more than just an unforgettable romantic experience. Smooth flowing massage therapies boost circulation, normalise blood flow and enhance your immune system. The detoxification of muscles reduces stress hormones and improves overall health. Incorporating hot stone massages to further amplify your relaxation experience. Perfectly warmed with essential oils, these stones are massaged deep into the body, and positioned on key energy points. 

Multi-Award Winning Luxury Treatments Curated For You

Botanica day spa offers a serene oasis to indulge and embrace revitalisation and rejuvenation. Our team of internationally qualified wellness specialists provide the best couple spa packages in Melbourne, using powerful techniques tailored to your needs. 

Prepare Yourself For An Important Day

Have a special occasion you need to mentally and physically recharge for? Perhaps a wedding, engagement party, weekend away in the city, work presentation, anniversary, birthday…the reasons are endless. Botanica’s couples spa day packages focus on delivering relaxation rituals that are customised entirely to your needs. The perfect opportunity to completely reset your body and mind before these important occasions.

Book In The Best Couples Day Spa in Melbourne CBD Today

Searching for that perfect gift to treat your special someone? Our couples day spa in Melbourne has a range of idyllic massage therapies awaiting you. Choose from our day spa packages or purchase as a gift card to customise your spa journey today.