Our Favourite Skincare Trends For 2023 To Add To Your Routine

With a new year comes promising resolutions; many of which revolve around self improvement. Nothing makes for a fresh start than a new skincare regimen. However, with so many products and treatments to choose from, it can be challenging to choose the right approach. To make it easier, we’ve compiled our favourite top skincare trends for 2023 to incorporate into your self care.

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Prebiotic And Probiotic Skin Care 

Prebiotics and probiotics; known for their immense benefit in gut health, are gaining popularity in the world of skincare. We are expecting they will continue to grow in popularity as top desirable skincare ingredient trends for 2023. 

Prebiotics serve as a food source for good bacteria, whilst probiotics maintain healthy bacteria present in the body. Adequate intake; or application, is essential to maintain optimal skin microbiome and balance pH levels in the body and on the skin.

The Benefits of Healthy pH For Your Skin 

There are a multitude of reasons why skin pH may not function at its optimal capacity. Harsh chemicals in skincare, hormones and various skin conditions can impact your skin’s natural pH.

In the world of skincare, the synergism of pre and probiotics is essential in supporting the function of our skin. Maintaining a slightly acidic skin pH helps our skin regulate bacteria. This supports immunity; preventing bad bacteria from wreaking havoc. 

It also aids in preventing pollutants and other environmental stressors from disrupting the acid mantle. Without regulated skin pH the skin is more susceptible to irritation, infection and inflammation. 

Another key benefit of prebiotic and probiotic skincare is it helps maintain skin’s moisture. Having slightly acidic skin pH helps lock in moisture and retains skin hydration, leaving it smooth and plump.

Finally, skin pH is essential in regulating your skin’s natural exfoliation process. It plays an important role in removing dead skin cells; which contribute to maintaining a bright and healthy complexion.

Use pH Balancing Skincare To Maintain Your Skin’s Acid Mantle

Skincare formulated to assist your skin’s natural pH levels is essential to ensure optimal skin condition.  

A few of Botanica’s most loved pre and probiotic skincare products include the Elemis’ Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads. This exfoliating pad contains a probiotic ferment complex soak for protection of skin’s barrier and maintaining moisture within skin. 

Our top prebiotic skincare products come from Elemis Superfood range. These vegan-friendly, natural sugar-derived gluco-oligosaccharide prebiotics stimulate growth of good microflora. Super packed with vitamin rich superfoods and plant actives they assist in balancing and enriching skin.

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Younger Adults Are Becoming More Proactive With Skincare

The primary reason people use skincare is to maintain a healthy complexion, for self care and to prevent premature ageing. 

In 2023, we anticipate younger people will focus on incorporating skincare products that prevent the long-term impacts of ageing. 

Already, people in their 20’s and younger will be paying more attention to the subtle signs of aging and taking their ‘proactive preservation’ care seriously. 

This will unfold in various ways, including in-house skincare treatments as well as incorporating at home anti-ageing specific products to their skin care routine. 

We expect ingredients such as retinols and hyaluronic acid will be highly sought after. 

Alongside these anti-ageing stars, we expect more attention will be given to gentle skin-supporting ingredients. These include algae, which is becoming increasingly popular in the skincare industry.

Not Sure Where To Look For Your Pro-Preservation Skincare Products? 

One skincare product we recommend is Elemis’ Peptide Antioxidant Hydra-Serum. Infused with hyaluronic acid and honesty seed oil for intense hydration and smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.  
Finally, the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine will continue to be a top pick. This best seller is enriched with Mediterranean algae Padina Pavonica to help firm and smooth skin.

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Redefining Clean Beauty 

The term ‘clean beauty’ has been used extensively within the beauty industry. Unfortunately this has led to the ‘greenwashing’ and overuse of the phrase. Diluted by misuse of the term for marketing purposes, brands have come under the spotlight. 

Traditionally, clean beauty has been defined as being paraben, phthalate, synthetic and sulphate free. But with the realisation clean beauty is vague and misleading to consumers, refining the definition has been essential. Essential in maintaining consumers' trust, especially as ‘clean beauty is not regulated by government bodies’. 

Clean beauty now encompasses environmental concerns, animal welfare and sustainability. This holistic approach allows brands to reinforce their values; including ethical practices, wellbeing of consumers and sources of ingredients as well as absence of harmful ingredients. 

Botanica Will Continue To Help Consumers Make Holistic Clean Beauty Choices 

At Botanica, our focus has always been to prioritise the use of safe, ethical, non-toxic, natural and sustainable skincare. 

Choosing brands who are focused on avoiding potentially harmful ingredients is core to our values. 

Our brands including Bare Roots are a recipient of COSMOS certification. This means they meet the criteria for being produced with organic, natural and sustainable ingredients.


Less is more; more is less. The ‘skinimalism trend’ beauty trend is an approach to skincare that emphasises choosing efficient and multitasking products for your skin routine. 

Whilst no two skin conditions are the same, and everyone’s skin requirements are unique, there are a few key products needed everyday to maintain healthy, radiant skin. 

To achieve glowing skin with a minimalist approach, your must haves are a good cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen. 

We Are Feel Good Inc’s Kakakdu Plum Sunscreen 50+ covers you from sun up until sun down. With vitamin e and aloe vera, it not only protects but nourishes your skin.
Rich, creaming, deeply moisturising. If you’re looking for a standout Elemis product, then the Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm does it all. Perfect for sensitive skin, this facial balm removes dirt, grime, makeup and pollutants without stripping away your natural protection barrier.

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