Self Care Practices For When Life Feels Chaotic

Understandably, many of us are amping up our self-care rituals in an effort to foster a sense of positivity and cultivate a little calm. We get it―and we’re here for you―so we’ve compiled a list of simple rituals that you can do on a daily basis to bring your life back into balance.

Create an Hour of Power

Working from home? Use the time you’d normally spend commuting to do something that relaxes your mind and body. A morning stretch, some dry body brushing, a long bath or time spent delving into your favourite book are all slow, soul-nourishing ways to “switch on” your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for resting and digesting.

Boost your Beauty

Now is the time to get creative with your fave products from The Beauty Chef range. Experiment with different smoothie combinations, make protein-rich chocolate truffles to pop in the freezer or whip up a batch of gummies using GUT PRIMER. If you normally guzzle down your daily glass of GLOW before running out the door, take this as an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Get Creative with Exercise

Pop your workout gear next to your bed the night before so you’re ready to get moving as soon as you wake. There are plenty of workouts to sift through online, so you can choose whatever suits your needs. Plenty of energy to expend? Search for a sweaty HIIT session. Feeling wired? Opt for a slow and steady yoga flow. Ready to feel the burn? A core-blasting pilates class sounds like a good idea. Staying in doesn’t have to mean sitting on the couch all day―in fact, for the sake of your mental health, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Nourish your Microbiome

Relying on fresh fruit and colourful veggies to feed your microbes is more important than ever. Studies show that a diverse microbiome (which can be cultivated by eating a wide range of fibre-rich, plant-based foods) protects against illness. While it’s not a particularly sexy form of self-care, eating well is arguably the best way to look after yourself. Why not use the extra time at home as an opportunity to experiment with some gut-nourishing and immune-boosting recipes? 

Carla Oats, founder and author of The Beauty Chef x