The Changing Season’s and Your Skin: How To Look After Your Skin This Winter


Understanding your skin is the first step to discovering the ideal solution for treating any potential problem areas that you may be faced with. While you may be aware of beneficial therapies to treat the signs of ageing, troublesome acne or tired looking skin, understanding how your skin changes throughout the seasons also plays a vital role in achieving a great skin care routine.

As you transition between the seasons, it is important to remember that your skin is also undergoing a great deal of change. The team at Botanica Day Spa offer personalised solutions for facials in Melbourne CBD, with consultations that will allow you to discover the perfect treatment for your skin. As your skin becomes exposed to the various elements of seasonal weather, making some thoughtful adjustments to your daily skin routine will assist you in maintaining a radiant glow throughout the year – whatever the season may be.


By better understanding how to tackle skin changes throughout the seasons, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to create a flawless skin solution to suit any season. As your wardrobe changes from Autumn to Winter, so too should your skin routine. The appearance of your skin will change as it is exposed to warmer and cooler months. While it can be difficult to prepare for unpredictable seasonal changes, your skin will thank you for making some small adjustments to your daily routine, such as adjusting your moisturiser to suit dryer conditions and your cleanser to combat increased humidity.

When problem skin makes it difficult to achieve the desired result with only an at-home skin routine, a professional spa treatment can often provide a more effective solution. The team at Botanica Day Spa can provide one-on-one consultations for extraction facials in Melbourne, where you can discover the benefits of an advanced facial solution and find the perfect fit for your skin. 


Seasonal weather changes can be harsh, but that doesn’t mean your skin treatment needs to be. For problem skin that requires a little more attention as the seasons change, a professional treatment is often the ideal solution. While an at-home skin care regime can deliver countless benefits for good skin health, a professional spa treatment can offer an advanced solution for achieving your ultimate skin goals. Our team of internationally qualified wellness therapists deliver an extensive range of services for facial rejuvenation in Melbourne, which focus on techniques to renew and restore the appearance of your skin.

With a range of solutions suitable for all skin types, our facial therapies will work to reduce the effects commonly seen throughout changing seasons, focusing on energising dull skin, soothing sensitive skin and detoxifying any problem areas. An advanced skin solution can also provide you with more noticeable results, which cannot be achieved by using only at-home solutions. A microdermabrasion treatment can deliver significant results, by removing the surface layer of dead skin and stimulating cell renewal, through a process of gentle deep exfoliation. To achieve maximum results from your skin care routine, consider a complimentary regime of at-home and professional services, which effectively target the signs of seasonal skin changes.

If you’re searching for that something extra, which can take your skin care to the next level and increase the overall effectiveness of your daily routine, a professional treatment at one of the best day spas in Melbourne may be the answer you’ve been looking for. A combination of personal and professional solutions will provide a tailored approach that positively rejuvenates and revitalises your skin, by effectively treating the signs of changing weather conditions. Book in online now, or call 03 9620 5992 to speak to one of our wellness specialists.