ELEMIS Eye Cream & Eye Care

It is well known that the skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate parts of your face. People of all ages suffer from wrinkles and damaged skin. ELEMIS eye creams help keep the area around your eyes moisturised and hydrated, preventing and controlling the signs of damage and aging. 

Why Choose the ELEMIS Eye Care Range?

Wrinkle Reduction

The signs of ageing appear differently to everyone. However, for some it can begin as early as their mid-20s. Eye creams can be used to reduce and control the appearance of fine lines in the face. There are many reasons why and where fine lines appear. 

Some of the most common causes of aged skin include dehydration, friction and sun exposure. Even those with a healthy and active lifestyle following the strictest skin care routines cannot completely slow the aging process. 

The best way to maintain healthy skin is by proactively using skin care. ELEMIS eye care products can help slow down the signs of ageing skin. Preventative measures like the most effective measure against premature aging. 

Skin Texture

The skin around the eyes is highly sensitive and can age and damage very easily. If you suffer from dry skin, the ELEMIS eye cream range can help hydrate and replenish the skin around your eyes for a vibrant, healthy and younger-looking appearance. 

Dry skin around the eyes can be difficult to combat without the correct product. As it is a sensitive area, some products can be itchy, irritating and produce red flaky skin. Another common problem experienced when fighting the signs of aging is an oily eye area. ELEMIS eye creams can help reduce and prevent flaky, dry skin, as well as balance oily skin around the eyes, helping to achieve healthier, more youthful looking eyes. 

Moisturised Skin

Eye creams are essential to keep your delicate eye area hydrated and nourished. ELEMIS eye creams are made with a unique formula that is delicate enough to maintain and restore the sensitive area around your eyes without damaging the skin. 

One of the best ways to care and maintain the skin around your eyes is to find an ELEMIS eye cream product that is suitable. Take a look at the extensive range of eye care products today. You will be able to find an eye care product that suits your skin's specific needs.


ELEMIS eye care products moisturise, hydrate and protect your skin from further damage. Other products may not provide protection throughout the day, or may only provide the benefits after using an extensive amount of the product. ELEMIS eye care products are available within their renowned skincare lines, meaning that you can find an eye care product that perfectly suits your skin type.

ELEMIS Peptide Eye Care

The ELEMIS peptide eye care range is the perfect all-rounder that is fast-absorbing and works twice as fast as other products. These creams will leave your skin smooth and firm while also fighting the under eye darkness that results in a younger, brighter and well-rested look.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Eye Care

The ELEMIS Pro-Collagen range was formulated specifically for the delicate areas around your eyes and to fight the signs of aging. This powerful anti-aging eye cream works to smooth, firm and tone your skin for a natural and youthful appearance every single time. 

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