ELEMIS Moisturisers

ELEMIS moisturisers were created by a team of scientists and skincare experts using natural ingredients within innovative scientific formulas. The world renowned and award-winning skincare range is mixed with active botanical ingredients, supercharged with peptides and full of antioxidants.  

Spots and blemishes can occur when the skin is too oily or dry. A good skincare regime starts with high-quality products that you know will take care of your skin. ELEMIS moisturisers are suitable for a wide variety of skin types and uses.

If you suffer from oily skin, avoid a rich heavy cream that may clog your pores and lead to even more issues. A product like those within the ELEMIS Superfood range will help keep your skin light and refreshed while being easier to absorb.

If you are suffering from dry skin, then a moisturiser that is a richer cream will help. Dry skin can often cause blemishes, but the ELEMIS Pro-collagen range can help keep your skin balanced, reduce breakouts and hydrate your face for a younger, plumper look. 


ELEMIS moisturisers offer a wide variety of benefits for all skin types, with a dedicated moisturiser available within each renowned skincare collection to complement your overall skincare routine. ELEMIS moisturisers, with their unique properties, will leave your skin hydrated, balanced, and radiant. You will find your skin is more even, calm and clear after using a moisturiser from the range. 

Using an ELEMIS moisturiser will re-energise dull and tired looking skin. It is the perfect option for those living an active lifestyle but requiring a product that maximises circulation and cell regeneration. Choose ELEMIS to de-stress and decongest your skin.



ELEMIS pro-collagen is a product many beauty experts and customers around the world use every day. The anti-ageing benefits of Pro-collagen will enhance and supplement an existing routine or can be used independently as part of a new one. 

The Pro-collagen range was designed to counter the anti-ageing process by protecting and supporting cell structure, to replenish collagen levels and strengthen the overall skin and texture. These products are suitable for anyone with fine lines, wrinkles or loss of firmness. 


The superfood range was created to provide your skin with the nutrition it needs to be strong and healthy. These superfood products feed the skin from the outside in order to replenish, nourish and hydrate your skin.

If you are looking for a product to help boost your skin’s overall health and combat dehydration or imbalanced skin, then the ELEMIS Superfood product range is perfect for you. These products are packed with prebiotics and other active ingredients to recharge your skin.

Dynamic Resurfacing

The Dynamic Resurfacing range features both a Day and Night Cream that have been designed to help smooth skin and gently resurface the upper layers of epidermis, thanks to the Tri-Enzyme technology by ELEMIS. Skin appears smoother and brighter thanks to the patented skin technology.

Peptide 24/7

The Peptide 24/7 range was designed to work around the clock to support your skin’s natural processes. The ELEMIS Peptide 24/7 moisturiser is able to adapt to your skin’s requirements throughout the day for a more balanced complexion and healthier skin.

Skin Types

ELEMIS moisturisers are suitable for all skin types from normal and combination to delicate, dry, oily and sensitive skin - it all depends on your specific skin concerns and the most suitable range to work with. ELEMIS moisturisers have been scientifically crafted to hydrate your skin, leaving it refreshed, firmer and healthier, so you can rest assured your skin is receiving the best treatment no matter which product you use. 

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