Top Benefits of Extraction Facials For Winter

Can you believe we are halfway through 2022? Winter is well and truly here, especially here in Melbourne. The coats and scarves are out, the slippers are on in the evenings and we are feeling the chill.

As skin specialists we are always wary of the cooler months because the cold temperatures and dry weather usually leads to dry, irritated skin. If you notice an increase in our skin therapists encouraging you to layer an oil underneath your moisturiser this month, that's because we want your skin to continue to thrive and stay hydrated.

This dryness and decreased humidity can also lead to certain skin conditions becoming more irritated and prevalent. Conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne can flare up in the colder weather, leading to patchy skin.

Many women who suffer with these kinds of skin conditions end up with pigmentation or hyperpigmentation due to the inflammation and dryness. We want to keep our skin deeply hydrated in Winter so that our skin’s defence barrier can do its job and prevent this. 

To combat dryness and pigmentation, we want to prioritise skincare and facials that hydrate, brighten and nourish the skin. We also want to ensure our pores aren’t being clogged to prevent further inflammation.

Winter is the time of year when we get inundated with bookings for extraction facials in Melbourne. The extraction facials not only focus on decongesting your pores and diminishing breakouts, they are also paired with high quality products to nourish your skin.

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Our Top Tips For Winter Skincare:

The first step to looking after your skin during any time of the year, is to understand what your skin currently needs, what is going on beyond the surface and identifying any potential problems. This is when you need to book in with a qualified skin therapist who can analyse your skin and give you a diagnosis. 

To really dig deep and understand your skin, we offer HD Skin Reveal Consultations where we spend 30 minutes analysing your skin with our state of the art facial mapping technology. This allows us to identify what condition your skin is in so we can personalise and prescribe a customised treatment plan for your skin needs.

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Something to further be aware of is how the changing of seasons affect our skin and the environment it is exposed to. As your skin adjusts to changes in the weather and temperatures, your skincare routine should change with it to combat this.

Colder weather means we need to increase hydration. Whilst drinking plenty of water is definitely beneficial for our skin, we also want to make sure our skincare products are providing deep hydration. This time of year is an ideal time to invest in a nourishing facial oil or serum.

You want to avoid serums or cleansers that dry your skin out. Look out for ingredients that contain fragrances or alcohols. Exfoliation during winter is important, but we want to gently exfoliate away the dry, dead skin cells, and avoid going in too strong and causing further inflammation. 

Our most important tip is to really amp up your facial treatments during winter. It’s great to be able to optimise your skincare products and at-home routines, but nothing quite beats a professional facial. 

Extraction facials are ideal for this time of year because they include facial steaming to help decongest and clear the pores. Our skin therapists can then extract any congestion, blackheads, dead skin cells and bacteria. 

When booking an extraction facial in Melbourne, make sure you book a consultation first if you have never visited the Spa before. This ensures our skin therapists can choose skincare products during the treatment that will benefit your skin, and they can be wary of any skin conditions you are prone to.

Remember: You want to book facials that hydrate, smooth and brighten your skin.

Let’s talk more about Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation can really affect your self confidence, especially on your face. Pigmentation usually appears as patchy, discoloration on the skin. It usually occurs as a result of excessive sun exposure, hormonal imbalances, skin inflammation or injuries, ageing and more.

We often see pigmentation in the Winter as it takes a while for the effects of sun exposure to appear. Spending too much time in the sun without your SPF in the summer, will definitely catch up with you during the dryer, colder months.

The sun exposure can trigger a spike in melanin production in your skin which is the pigment that gives your skin colour. To prevent this, always wear SPF30+ to protect your skin from the sun, and make sure you avoid overexposure to direct sunlight, especially in the summer months. 

Skin Treatments and Facials for Hyperpigmentation

The most effective facials and skin treatments for pigmentation and discolouration will focus on rejuvenating and brightening your skin.

Facials that use Vitamin C, A and E are ideal as they are known to create radiance, and combat dullness in the skin.  

Enzyme facials provide gentle exfoliation and are ideal for treating sun damaged skin. Fruit enzymes in particular hydrate and heal the deeper skin layers to give you radiant glow.

Extraction facials, as mentioned, are extremely beneficial with the use of steam and deep cleansing to remove bacteria and re-nourish the skin to help it heal itself. We are always being asked about facial extractions in Melbourne, especially in winter, as this tends to be when our skin needs them the most. 

The most common facial treatments used to minimise pigmentation include LED or light therapy and Microdermabrasion.

LED (light emitting diodes) or light therapy works similarly. LED uses different coloured wavelengths that have multiple benefits and functions for the skin. The green light commonly targets discolouration in the skin including hyperpigmentation, age spots, freckles and scarring by detoxifying the skin and reducing redness and irritation. Yellow light encourages collagen production and rejuvenation in the deeper layers of the skin to heal. Red light is best for aged skin, encouraging cell regeneration and renewal, and blue light is best for treating acne, rosacea and combating bacteria.

Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation treatment that removes the surface layer of dead skin from your face, whilst stimulating cell renewal. It is known to be ideal for treating lines, scarring and pigmentation. It reduces discolouration in the skin and promotes an even skin tone by correcting, strengthening and clarifying the skin. 

We offer Microdermabrasion and LED treatments at Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic. We also use the Elemis Biotec machine to incorporate these elements into high level facials to give you all the benefits in one treatment. 

If you live nearby, we can definitely recommend the best facial in Melbourne for combating any pigmentation issues.

Botanica’s Pro-Glow Resurface+ facial treatment uses the Elemis Biotec to transform your skin’s texture. It evens your skin tone and texture, brightens and clears your complexion and combats enlarged pores and pigmentation. This facial uses a powerful combination of light therapy and rejuvenating activities to return your skin to its smooth, brightened glow. 

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How Extraction Facials Can Benefit Your Skin

We have briefly mentioned extraction facials throughout this blog, but we want to emphasise how beneficial they are for your skin during this time of year. 

Extraction facials refer to any facial that extracts blackheads, bacteria, or any foreign body from your skin. It is the process of clearing and cleansing clogged pores. Extractions happen in most facials to enhance the benefits.

Botanica’s extractional facials decongest your skin through high-performance skincare and technology to noticeably improve the appearance of your skin’s texture. They transform dull, tired and blemished skin, to provide brightening, lightening and rejuvenation.

These facials are extremely beneficial to your skin as they help to clear the pores which allows your skin to absorb the products you are using more deeply. This will provide the hydration needed in winter, and in turn combat dryness and pigmentation.

We recommend having extraction facials in Melbourne at least once a month in the colder seasons for optimal results. 

Our  Pro-Glow Resurface+ facial is highly recommended for facial extractions in Melbourne as it incorporates various treatments, technologies and skincare products to combat congestion and pigmentation. 

This facial uses LED light therapy to stimulate microcirculation and collagen production in your skin and reduce blemishes, discolouration and inflammation.

The ultrasonic peel function in this facial uses vibration technology to draw out impurities, exfoliate your skin, stimulate collagen production and boost circulation. 

This facial will cleanse and deeply hydrate your skin, leaving you with an even skin tone and texture, a clear, bright complexion and a radiant glow, as if it were summer time. 

Invest in your best self, and your best skin, all year round by booking in with us now.