The Benefits of our Elemis BIOTEC Facials

After years of experience as facial therapists and providing our clients with professional skincare advice, we were committed to investing in skincare technology that provided our client’s with the most sought after treatments, techniques and products to the menu. Elemis is passionate about delivering results, as are we at Botanica, therefore when it came to selecting a skincare brand and professional treatments to offer our clients, Elemis was the perfect fit.

Elemis brought out the Elemis Biotec, a machine that uses advanced facial technology to deliver immediate, visible and long-lasting results. The machine uses five different technologies including light therapy, ultrasonic, galvanic, microcurrent and oxygen infusion to provide increased results and benefits including anti-ageing, lifting and firming, resurfacing, illuminating, anti-blemish, soothing and calming, and deeply hydrating. 

The machine was designed to use alongside Elemis facials to enhance the results and combat a wide range of skin conditions. Our skin therapists can use up to three of the features during one facial session which means you are guaranteed to get maximum results.

The results from Elemis Biotec facials have been scientifically proven to increase cell energy in the skin for optimum function and visibility for healthier skin. The technologies available can be combined to achieve different results in the skin, or used individually for focused results.

Light Therapy:

Using a combination of Blue and Red light, the light therapy technology in the Elemis Biotec machine provides antibacterial, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

The red light technology encourages increased cell growth and lymphatic flow, whilst the blue light provides a calming anti-irritant effect to kill bacteria in the skin.

Light therapy helps to de-stress and detoxify the skin, repairing blemishes and restoring its natural balance. It visibly smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Light therapy is suitable for all skin types with no down time and is even safe during pregnancy. 


The Ultrasonic feature is a non-invasive, extremely gentle exfoliant. It exfoliates your skin on a deeper level to provide optimal extraction, and provides great results when treating black heads. Using 27,000 vibrations per second, it pushes any skin impurities to the surfaces providing similar benefits and results that microdermabrasions offer, but less aggressive, ideal for sensitive skin.

You will find you have a smoother complexion after the treatment as the Ultrasonic stimulates your skin to remove impurities and dead skin cells. Ideal for decongesting and detoxifying your skin. 


The Galvanic technology in the Elemis Biotec machine is extremely relaxing and feels like a facial massage. It penetrates the skin through positive and negative energy, allowing the actives to be infused more deeply into your skin, resulting in long term results. When used with moisturizing products, this technology keeps your skin hydrated for much longer periods and minimizes the effects of tired, dull skin. 

Treatments using the Galvanic technology will tighten, tone, hydrate and brighten your skin, leaving you with a plumper, smooth finish. Your skin will feel rejuvenated as its moisture will be restored and your complexion will be more balanced. 


The Microcurrent technology is great for toning, contouring and lifting. It acts as a workout for the muscles in your face, stimulating facial muscles and skin cells on a deep level. 

Used in Elemis facial treatments, the Microcurrent will physically firm and tone your skin painlessly. It gently stimulates the skin and muscles via small pulses of micro-current. The ultimate HITT workout for your skin.

Oxygen Infusion: 

The Oxygen Infusion technology uses powerful bursts of oxygen combined with active ingredients deep into the skin, plumping out fine lines and increasing firmness.

This treatment also improves circulation, encouraging an increased production of collagen and elastin so the skin is hydrated, energized and nourished.

At Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic, we offer a range of advanced facial treatments that are supercharged with the Elemis Biotec technology. These facials include:

The Pro-Glow Renewal+ Facial

Supercharged with Ultrasonic and Galvanic technology, this facial provides a deep exfoliation, massage and hydration. The products we use in this facial are rich in superfoods to add extra protection, hydration and nourishment to your skin.

The Ultrasonic technology provides a deep exfoliation to bring any skin impurities to the surface. The Galvanic technology allows the superfood products to be infused more deeply into the layers of your skin, providing a longer-lasting result. 

This facial will help your skin’s microflora maintain a healthy balance and leave your skin looking visibly refreshed after just one treatment.

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The Pro-Glow Smooth+ Facial

This facial uses three of the Elemis Biotec features including Ultrasonic, Galvanic and Microcurrent, giving your skin the ultimate workout. Perfect for skin that is showing signs of aging or has a rough texture.

The Ultrasonic peel will gently exfoliate dead skin cells, whilst the Microcurrent technology will target the fine lines and wrinkles, plumping and smoothing the skin. The Galvanic technology will help the Elemis products target deeper layers of your skin giving you a more radiant, youthful glow.

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The Pro-Glow Resurface+ Facial

Elemis Biotec Ultrasonic and Light Therapy are combined to give your skin a deeper cleanse to brighten and smooth your complexion.

The Light Therapy and intensive ultrasonic peel technology will deeply cleanse the skin and eliminate impurities, pollutants and dirt to give you a brighter, clearer complexion. 

Perfect for acne prone skin. 

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The Pro-Glow Brilliance+ Facial

Combing the Elemis Biotec Ultrasonic, Galvanic and Oxygen Infusion, this facial treatment is a recipe for radiant, glowing skin.

The Ultrasonic deeply cleanses the skin, removing impurities and visible pollutants. The Microcurrent works to repair damaged skin and stimulate your collagen production, plumping the skin. The Oxygen Infusion leaves you with a healthy complexion that is more radiant, relaxed and glowing.

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If you are ready to take your facials to the next level, make sure you book in a complimentary skin consultation with our qualified skin therapists so they can assess your skin and advise the best facial for you. 

If you have any questions on our Elemis Biotec machine, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us a message. 

This advanced skin technology allows us to treat your skin on a deeper level and provide optimal results alongside the incredible Elemis products. The technology is results-driven and scientifically backed.

We always recommend a course of treatments to ensure your skin gets the most out of these facials. Come into the salon today to chat to our skin specialists, or book in with us now.