Corporate Wellness Packages to Revitalise & Reward Your Team


By taking the time to nurture your team’s health, you’ll also be nurturing your business by creating a happier, healthier workplace. Corporate wellness focuses on supporting healthier behaviour in your place of work, with massage being one of the best methods of treatment. While there are many options available for achieving better wellness for your team, a proven solution for drastically decreasing stress-levels and boosting moral is massage therapy. Professional massage services offer a wide range of techniques, suitable for each individual need, including deep tissue and relaxation. Whether you’re searching for a wellness retreat for your team or are looking for the ideal corporate gifting solution, discovering the benefits of nurturing good health in the workplace will allow you to greatly enhance the performance of your business.


When striving to achieve greater corporate wellness, it is important to focus your energy on a well-being program that will deliver long-term health benefits to your employees, while simultaneously providing recognition for outstanding achievements and notable contributions. The personalised touch that is added to each of our indulgent corporate packages provides a service for you to organise the perfect solution for your business ahead of time, while also allowing the flexibility for your employees to talk with our team and receive a treatment that caters to their individual needs. Corporate massage should be centred upon nurturing the health of your workplace and the addition of personalisation will result in your team members feeling the satisfaction of rewarding recognition.


The qualified team of professionals at Botanica Day Spa strive to deliver the highest standard of services for massage in Melbourne CBD. The personalised corporate services we offer are designed to alleviate stress levels among team members, leading to positive outcomes of enhanced performance amongst employees. Offering a corporate wellness solution that caters to the needs of your team is important and our extensive range of treatments deliver the flexibility of personalised service. The smooth flowing techniques used in muscle melt massage will boost wellness by creating a greater sense of tranquillity from within. To achieve stress-reduction and muscle relaxation for targeted areas of the body, deep tissue massage provides a customised service that focuses on easing the tension of aching muscles.


When searching for an extra special touch of indulgence for your employees, a wellness package that incorporates an executive makeup service may be the perfect solution. Once stress-levels have been reduced with therapeutic massage techniques, there’s no better way to further your indulgence than with a pampering and professional make-up session to suit any corporate occasion.

At Botanica Day Spa, we understand the importance of nurturing your teams health to achieve a happier and more productive workplace. By delivering the highest standard of corporate massage Melbourne has to offer, we will strive to assist you in achieving your wellness goals, through relaxation and revitalisation for all guests. Our extensive spa menu and tranquil surrounds allows us to offer you a vast range of services, with an ideal solution for businesses of all types and sizes. Contact us to find out more about rewarding and revitalising your team at our luxury hotel day spa in Melbourne.