Discover the Top 7 Benefits of a Facial Treatment

Facials are most commonly known as a solution for acne prone skin. What many don’t know is they can also assist skin across a number of other areas. Benefits of a facial treatment extend beyond just treating your acne, they go skin deep!

Whether you are new to facial treatments or receive regular facials, discover why you should get a facial with the number of rejuvenating advantages it has for your skin.

Promotes Blood Flow 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a professional facial is it increases circulation. During a facial treatment, we gently massage the skin which boosts natural circulation around the body. 

The mechanical stimulation of skin and muscles during a facial massage promotes a blood flow response. As a result, an increase in blood flow increases oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the skin. 

The outcome is radiance and rejuvenation, restoring microcirculation of facial skin cells.

Expels Toxins Through Lymphatic Drainage

Toxins present themselves in a number of ways through skin problems. These include acne, blemishes and even dull, tired looking skin tone. 

In line with the increased promotion of blood flow and its subsequent benefits, expect the flushing of waste and toxins after your facial experience. Blood flow stimulates lymphatic drainage which plays a vital role in the body’s immune system. With a primary function of removing toxins.

Our intuitive massage technique used during the facial treatment restores microcirculation which assists the body in expelling toxins and detoxifying the skin within.

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Brightens And Reduces Puffiness Of Under Eye Area

Stimulation of the lymphatic system doesn’t only reduce the obvious signs of waste and toxins including acne and blemishes, it also plays an important part in the reduction of puffiness.

The soothing properties of a facial can contribute to brightening and smoothing eye areas as well as reducing signs of tiredness. 

The lymphatic system improves flow of lymph fluid which reduces swelling. It can also decrease signs of dark circles and fine lines including crows feet around the eyes.

Working Towards Clearing Acne

Whilst at home treatments can be beneficial in achieving healthy skin, many skin types need that bit of extra assistance. 
A professional facial is safe and effective for treating acne prone skin without damaging delicate skin cells. 
Botanica’s tailor made facial treatments are suited to your skin type, and involve cleansing, exfoliating and extraction without drying or harming the skin. Our mattifying facials effectively treat oily, congested or hormonal skin. Leaving you with a clear and bright complexion. 

Increased Absorption Of Products

Facial treatments work wonders, days to weeks after you’ve left the spa. One of the main long term benefits we see from our facial treatments is they increase your skin’s absorption abilities. 

Using the highest quality ingredients and technologies, our facialists are able to remove dirt, oil build up and dead skin cells unseen.

By unclogging pores, your at home products including serums and moisturisers are better absorbed and make your skin more soft and subtle.

Boost Your Wellness

Living well has become so important for wellbeing. Revitalising the body inside and out is essential for healing. A facial massage can activate the sympathetic nervous system which assists in reducing anxiety and promotes overall positive mood.

Why Should You Get A Facial Every Month

As we’ve outlined above, there are a multitude of benefits to getting a facial for skin health. Covering such a broad range of skin issues, adopting a facial into your monthly skincare routine could just be that thing your skin has been needing. 

Instead of investing all your money and efforts into products that could be the cause of skin irritation, allow the professionals to work wonders on your skin with tailored facial solutions. 

For those with particularly problematic skin, the benefits of getting a facial once a month could help achieve that consistency in skin condition, leaving you looking and feeling your absolute best.

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Botanica’s skin clinic offers bespoke facial treatments customised entirely to your skincare needs. 
With a range of luxurious therapies including wellness facials for rejuvenation, to advanced treatments using high performance technology for restoration - our experts can find a facial suited for your needs at Botanica. 


Updated 18th Of October 2022