How Long After Injectables Can You Have A Facial?

The demand for cosmetic injectables has boomed over the last couple of years. This is in tandem with the growing interest in promoting self care. A recent Australian study estimated 6% of Australians had cosmetic injectables from March 2021-2022. Unsurprisingly, the increasing interest in cosmetic injectables has also resulted in continuing concerns regarding potential side effects, an unnatural result and safety. Within the skincare industry, one of the more commonly asked questions we are asked is how long after cosmetic injectables you can have a facial or massage. 

It is so important to disclose how soon you have received cosmetic injectables before any face and body treatments. This is not only for you to achieve the best results for your facial, massage and cosmetic injectables treatment, but to prevent any adverse reactions.

Women Looking In Mirror Touching Cheek

What Are Cosmetic Injectables?

Cosmetic injectables comprise of neurotoxic protein. When administered intramuscularly, it results in muscle paralysis; preventing the release of neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

In layman terms, this essentially relaxes muscles. Over time, this reduces the overactivity of certain muscles. 

As such cosmetic injectables has become very popular for areas including the forehead where expression lines are heavily overworked. As well as crow’s feet, bunny lines and around the mouth.

Wait 14 Days Before Receiving A Massage Or Facial After Cosmetic Injectables

We strongly advise waiting 14 days before you come in for your next facial or massage after cosmetic injectables. This is to ensure the cosmetic injectables has had enough time to properly set into the muscles. Any sooner and you may risk migrating product into muscles unintended to receive the cosmetic injectables product. 


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Facials And Massages Can Migrate Product Into Muscles Unintended For Cosmetic Injectables

Facial treatments are not delicate treatments. They are working the muscles on your face and to be effective, require moderate pressure. 

Too soon after a cosmetic injectables treatment, and this can result in the v product being physically moved into the wrong areas of your face. 

Drooping eyelids are one of the most common mishaps of cosmetic injectables

A facial too soon after your cosmetic injectables treatment can contribute to this issue by pushing product down into the eyebrows. 

When wondering how long to wait for a massage after cosmetic injectables, the same goes. Avoid any massage treatments 14 days after cosmetic injectables is important. 

During massages you are lying on your front with your head in the massage table headrest. 

The hard impact of the face cradle on your face can have a severe impact on your cosmetic injectables distribution. 

It can cause it to migrate to areas your injector did not intend the product to go. Similarly to facials, this can be problematic for the forehead as well as crows feet and even cheek filler. 

Take Your Cosmetic Injectables Aftercare As Seriously As Other Skincare Treatments

For some procedures, you may think you can get away with not properly adhering to appropriate aftercare and downtime recommendations. 

For more invasive treatments such as cosmetic injectables, this can be so detrimental to the final result. 

There are two reasons why aftercare is crucial to observe after any skin or beauty treatment.

The first is to ensure your results are not tarnished due to failing to avoid certain activities or products.

The second, and more importantly, is to prevent severe side effects, allergic reactions or put yourself at health risk. 

For many, the immediate 24 hour aftercare tips are easy to follow. 

You’re hyper aware of how you are feeling immediately after the cosmetic injectables, and recognise the obvious ‘don’t do’s’ such as avoiding steam rooms, no rubbing, don’t sleep on your front and not to touch your face. 

It’s the days after treatment where it’s easy to relax and forget. 

Ultimately, all beauty and skincare practitioners just want you to achieve the best results you can. Safely and without any potential for adverse effects. By taking care of your face we can ensure we provide the highest standard of treatment for you. 

For any inquiries before your next treatment, make sure to speak to our facial and massage therapists. They will be able to assist with your skincare journey, offering the most attentive care to your needs.