How Regularly Should You Get A Facial With Your Skin Therapist?

Good skincare; we all want it and we all need it to maintain optimal long term healthy skin condition. 
Whilst many of us invest in ingredients and formulas aimed to work wonders in restoring our complexion, few know how regularly you should get a facial to assist in skin rejuvenation. 
Skincare is a journey, and miracles don’t happen overnight. Like fitness goals and healthy diets, adopting healthy skincare practices on a regular basis is essential to see real results for your skin. 
So how often should you get a facial to look after your skin? We will discuss the importance of regular facial treatments with professional skin therapist below. 

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Book In Facials Between Three To Six Weeks Apart

At Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic, we recommend receiving a facial every three to six weeks, depending on your age, the condition of your skin, your skin type and any skincare goals. 
For more youthful skin, skin cell turnover rate can be between 14-21 days. As you age, your skin cycle slows. On average, the turnover rate can be 28 days for middle aged adults to 45-60 days by the time you reach 50. 
As such, there is no right answer for how frequently you should have a facial, but rather it all comes down to your skin condition, skin goals, skin needs and what fits into your schedule.
For some, it’s easy to stick to getting facials once a month. For others, it might be a case of fitting it in where you can! 


Is A Regular Facial Good For The Skin? 

The benefits of regular facial treatments are plentiful. From acne to ageing, dull to puffy skin, oily to sensitive skin, there is nothing a regular facial cannot treat.
Consistent facial treatments can be so valuable for the long term treatment of a number of conditions. Adopting as part of your skin care routine is a great contributor to maintaining a vibrant and healthy skin complexion.
The benefits of facial treatments include improved blood circulation, removal of dead skin cells, increased product absorption, reduced acne scarring, anti ageing including reduction in fine lines and dark spots and improvements to acne prone skin.


Express Facial vs Regular Facial 

Whilst one off facials can be a great way to boost appearances in one session, once this period passes, you will notice rougher texture and changes to skin tone. 
The best reason to get regular facial treatments is for long-term goals and ongoing skincare concerns. 
Booking in regular sessions with your skin specialist means we can develop a strong understanding of your skin. It also allows us to prepare a thorough individualised plan for your skincare goals. 
Skincare is a journey and factors including weather, hormonal changes and stress will impact your skin condition week to week, month to month. 
We can work with your changing skin condition and help you achieve your desired results.


Powerful In Treating Long Term Skin Conditions Including Acne

For skin conditions including acne, frequent facials can be a great way to reduce symptoms and severity of breakouts. 
Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic offers a number of facial options which can assist in treating acne skin conditions. Drawing upon expert techniques in extraction with the highest calibre technologies, our spa is able to assist you with acne skin conditions. 
Using thorough cleansing and exfoliation practices, our practitioners can safely and effectively dive skin deep into treating your acne. 
Drawing upon dynamic facial technologies powered by Elemis Biotec, we can offer a range of treatment solutions. These include Ultrasonic Peel, Microcurrent and Oxygen Infusion, Galvanic and Light Therapy Technology.


Professional Facials Safely Penetrate Deeper Into Your Skin

It is important to recognise, skincare products should not, and do not penetrate as deeply into the skin as procedures you receive in clinics. 

Invasive home treatments are not only expensive to prepare, but can be extremely dangerous. Home micro needling devices among other procedures can increase your risk of infection and even result in damaging your skin if incorrectly used. 

Save yourself the hassle and stress of not preparing your treatment correctly, and instead look at booking an appointment with our expert team. 

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Advanced Technologies Providing In Depth, Customised Insights Into Your Skin Condition 

Each skin condition is unique and so too should your approach to skincare.  Professional treatments are one of the best ways you can care for your skin with results based on tailored solutions. 

Before you commence your facial treatment plan at Botanica, it is strongly recommended you receive a skin analysis that delves into the condition of your skin at a microscopic level. 

The HD Skin Reveal is the highest quality technology for developing an in depth custom skin program built for results. 

Combining state of the art technology in face mapping with a lifestyle consultation, our team is able to provide you with the right treatments and skincare before you commence your skincare plan. 


Start Your Skincare Journey With Botanica Wellness Spa And Clinic Today 

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