Our Top Skincare Tips for Autumn in Melbourne

Happy Autumn!

As Summer has come to an end, and Autumn has begun creeping in, our skin needs time to adjust. 

Whilst Australia’s seasons aren’t as dramatic as countries in the Northern Hemisphere, we do still experience a shift in warm and cool weather (though the warm weather seems to be hanging around). This means our skin needs different products and treatments to keep it healthy.

After Summer, our skin is often dehydrated and may feel more oily as the humidity has trapped dead skin cells and bacteria on the surface of your skin. 

It’s normal to experience breakouts and flare-ups in Summer as we tend to sweat more and produce more sebum which can clog your pores. If you have also spent a lot of time outdoors and in the sun, you may have some extra pigmentation or sun damage. 

So whilst we aim to protect and cleanse the skin in Summer, as we move into the cooler months we focus on altering our skincare to opt for more hydrating and deeply moisturizing products. 

For natural remedies, and basic skin health, you can ensure you are drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, eating a balanced diet and avoiding foods that break you out, and take vitamins and supplements that promote healthy skin.

However, sometimes these things aren’t enough to keep your skin healthy, and it may need a little boost. We believe a specially curated skincare routine and regular facial treatments are essential in looking after your skin.

We recommend first booking in for a facial, where your skin therapist can analyze your skin and find out what it needs, as well as helping you find products that will support your unique skin needs.

If you are located in Victoria, we can offer a unique facial in Melbourne CBD with our team of qualified, high-level skin therapists.

Facial Treatments

Starting with facial treatments also means your skin can be deeply cleansed, extracting bacteria and dead skin cells, unclogging your pores and providing essential nutrients. 

Try an extraction facial in Melbourne, at our luxury Wellness Spa and Clinic, where we can decongest your skin and use high-performance skincare to deeply cleanse your pores. 

Using the incredible Elemis products, we can provide unique results that will continue to improve your skin health with each treatment.

Our most recommended facial treatments for the changing of seasons are our Elemis Facials:

Pro-Glow Renewal+

This facial is our signature deep cleansing facial that leaves you with glowing skin. Using the Elemis products this facial harnesses prebiotics and antioxidants using highly effective resurfacing technology - the Elemis Biotec. 

The Elemis products used are deeply hydrating, gentle for sensitive skin, and packed full of nutrient rich superfoods to nourish and protect your skin. They also help your skin to maintain a healthy balance.

After this facial you will notice your skin looks visibly refreshed and rebalanced, with a gorgeous glow. 

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Pro-Glow Smooth+

Our Pro-Glow Smooth+ Facial is the equivalent of an intense HIIT workout for your skin. It uses ultrasonic peeling to exfoliate dead skin cells and smoothes the surface of your skin.

Supercharged with Elemis Biotec 1.0, this facial uses line fighting microcurrent technology that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with youthful looking, radiant skin.

Perfect for the working man or woman who has skin that needs smoothing and cleansing. Our Wellness Spa and Clinic is perfectly positioned to incorporate a facial treatment in Melbourne with your busy work schedule and lifestyle.

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Pro-Glow Resurface+

Is your skin breaking out and looking a bit dull after the warm weather? 

This powerful Elemis facial provides intensive, deep cleansing using unique ultrasonic peel technology, leaving you with stunningly smooth skin.

It eliminates pollutants, dirt and impurities from your skin, to give you a clear, bright complexion.

Using the supercharged Elemis Biotec including LED Light Therapy and superfood skincare products, this facial will boost your skin with essential nutrients and allow you to continuously reap the benefits.

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Pro-Glow Brilliance+

Our ultrasonic peel technology provides an oxygen infusion that creates the ultimate recipe for skin radiance. 

Brightening your skin enzymes, this facial deeply cleanses your pores and removes visible pollutants, built up impurities and makeup, and trapped bacteria, to provide happier and healthier skin.

You will leave this facial with a glowing complexion, looking more relaxed and radiant.

In need of an extraction facial in Melbourne? Book the Pro-Glow Brilliance+ Now.

Pro-Glow Pregnancy

We wanted to create a facial specifically targeted to prenatal skin health, as we get so many mums, and pregnant women in with hormonal breakouts or skin issues.

This facial uses Elemis products packed with essentials minerals and superfoods to give your skin a nutritional boost. It is designed to provide stressed, dull skin with energizing and detoxifying actives.

Using only vegan-friendly Elemis products, our skin therapists restore the vital moisture and nutrient levels to your skin, giving you a fresh, vibrant glow. 

Book your Pro-Glow Pregnancy Facial online now!

At Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic, we also offer advanced skin therapy treatments including microdermabrasion, skin needling, dermaplaning and LED light therapy, if you are in need of a deeper, more extensive skin treatment. Our qualified facial therapists can assist you and recommend the most suitable treatment for your skin.

The dedicated team at Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic are here to guide you in finding the perfect skin care solution or extraction facial in Melbourne for your skin and wellness needs.

Skincare Products 

After your Pro-Glow facial or advanced skin therapy treatment, our qualified skin therapists ensure you have customized skincare products to continue to nourish your skin and cater to your individual skin issues.

However, we understand that not everyone has the time, or is able to visit us for a facial in Melbourne CBD at our spa and clinic, but still want skincare products that will help your skin in the changing of the seasons. 

Thankfully, we have created our Skin Philosophy seasonal skincare subscription to offer curated skincare to combat the elements that each season brings. This subscription delivers hand-picked, best-selling products to you, anywhere in Australia, four times a year, with a new box every season.

This means you can have healthy, nourished skin all year round, without having to do any online shopping, research into products or speaking to a skin therapist.

Over our many years of treating skin, we have always found that consistency is key to maintaining healthy skin. We noticed that most people weren’t taking the time to adjust their skincare routine to accommodate the changing of seasons. 

So we created the Skin Philosophy subscription that can help you maintain a healthy skincare routine and glowing skin all year round, with just a click of a button.

You also gain exclusive access to our Insiders Loyalty Membership with special offers and rewards, custom advice cards with tips on how to maximize your results, gifted samples of our latest products AND you save $445 on skincare, as well as ongoing discounts.

Our Autumn Skin Rejuvenation skincare box is out now, aimed at reinvigorating your skin gently. The products include:





With the combination of a healthy lifestyle, our world-class skin treatments and customized, seasonal skincare products, you can achieve healthy skin all year round.