The Benefits of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Skincare Range

Elemis is a leading British skincare brand that uses natural, bio-engineered ingredients that deliver real, proven results. Their products are of a very high standard, undergoing independent testing and clinical trials to ensure efficacy and safety (one of the reasons we are such big fans!). 

The Elemis Pro-Collagen range offers powerful anti-ageing elements. The Marine range uses charged ingredients such as Padina Pavonica and Red Algae that encourage optimal cellular function to nourish the skin. Marine-derived super ingredients for skin!

The Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine cream, oil, mask and moisture essence, are packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Marine Algae and polysaccharides that deliver deep moisture and hydration to the skin. These products tackle fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with younger, firmer and hydrated skin. 

Read all about our best selling Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine range below.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

This ultra light weight gel cream is a powerful anti-wrinkle moisturiser that is a global best seller. It visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin significantly firmer, more resilient and youthful. With a light gel-cream consistency, it is perfect for all skin types and is clinically proven to increase skin hydration by up to 248% in one hour. 

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Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF30

With all the benefits of the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream above, this product has added encapsulated SPF 30 for extra sun protection. With revolutionary micronized sunscreen particles that absorb UVA & UVB sun rays and convert them into a safer infrared light for the skin. Combined with the ultra lightweight gel texture from the Marine Cream, this product delivers a rich blend of antioxidants that activate your skin, improving its tone, firmness and hydration.

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Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich

Whilst the original Pro-Collagen Marine Cream delivers powerful anti-aging benefits, the ultra-rich cream is formulated with cocoa butter for additional hydration. A rich day cream for extra dry skin that provides deep moisture and long-lasting hydration. It’s lipid-rich formula increases skin firmness and visibly reduces signs of ageing. Suitable for all skin types.

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Pro-Collagen Marine Oil

This lightweight, anti-wrinkle facial oil is ultra-hydrating and replenishes your skin for younger, smoother and firmer skin. A trio of seaweeds provide a lush blend of active marine ingredients, to deliver a deep nourishment to the skin and reduce signs of aging. This skin-plumping, hydrating facial oil will leave your skin with a luminous, youthful glow. 

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Pro-Collagen Marine Moisture Essence

Clinically proven to double your skin’s moisture content, this lightweight, anti-wrinkle hydrating essence smoothes fine lines and leaves you with a radiant complexion. Infused with a sophisticated blend of vitamins and marine minerals including Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Padina Pavonica and Sea Spring Water, it provides instant and intense hydration. It is formulated with a fast-absorbing formula and Flash Filler Hyaluronic Acid that delivers deep layered moisture into the skin for up to 24 hours.

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Pro-Collagen Marine Mask

This luxury mask minimises the signs of aging for a more youthful complexion. With potent anti-aging benefits and unique, powerful algae ingredients including Padina Pavonica, Adaptogenic Noni and Moringa, it delivers enhanced results to improve elasticity and firmness in the skin.

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Mens Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 

This soothing men’s moisturiser boosts skin hydration and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving the skin fresh and replenished after shaving with deep hydration and firming properties. The anti-wrinkle benefits nourish the skin with an antioxidant, rich formula specifically designed for mens skin. 

With so many advanced products to boost your skin, you can easily find the most beneficial products to suit your skin type.

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Sofie’s skin tip:

The Pro-Collagen Marine skincare range is by far our most popular Elemis skincare range as it can be enjoyed by all skin types. It helps to prevent premature ageing, boost hydration levels within the skin and reduce superficial fine lines and wrinkles - a great entry level anti-ageing skincare range for those who have not yet started to incorporate anti-ageing skincare into their daily routine and are becoming more and more conscious of ageing.

What makes this range so unique is that it features a Marine Algae Complex and up to 34 varieties of Algae that help mimic the skin’s natural function helping to slow down the ageing process, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Padina Pavonica also features throughout this range; a Brown Algae found in the Mediterranean coast that is known for supporting the feeling of hydration and moisture levels within the skin.  

The Pro-Collagen Marine range also features throughout our exclusive professional in-spa facial treatments at Botanica including our Elemis touch facial; Pro-Collagen Age-Defy and our Elemis technology facials; BIOTEC Line Eraser and Hydra-Firm. 

For best anti-ageing results, we recommend having one professional in-spa facial treatment per month followed by a daily morning and evening skincare at-home routine to support your results. Consistency is key so it is very important that you are using skincare both in the morning and in the evening. 

The Pro-Collagen Marine range can be used twice a day and works well as a complete skincare system. Although we have still seen incredible results from clients who use a combination of skincare products alongside the Pro-Collagen Marine range.

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