The Best Post Lockdown Facials To Rejuvenate Your Skin

We are so excited to finally be out of lockdown. Melbourne has been so unlucky with a never-ending sling of lockdowns and we’re sure you’ve been feeling just as frustrated as we have over this time.

Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic are excited to welcome you back in for luxe skin treatments, just in time for Summer.

Just like us, we’re sure your skin has been missing its regular treatments and extraction facials, having endured the changing seasons across multiple lockdowns and without access to the best facials in Melbourne.

We are seeing a lot of dry, flakey skin that needs a boost of hydration, as well as stress acne breakouts, “mask-ne” and skin that is very out of balance (thank you lockdown stress!).

So, we wanted to share our favourite Elemis facials that will help you rejuvenate your skin to its healthiest, brightest and best, post lockdown. 

Elemis skincare is a luxury British skincare brand that uses cutting-edge, patented skin technology combined with natural active ingredients. The Elemis products are clinically tested and designed to treat all skin types. We trust this brand and use their products for most of our facial treatments.

Our favourite Elemis facials for your post lockdown treatment include:

The Pro-Collagen Age-Defy Facial

This facial uses Elemis skincare products with marine charged ingredients to deeply hydrate your skin and replenish moisture levels. Our qualified skin therapists deliver a progressive lifting, targeted massage that encourages healthy cell renewal, leaving you with younger-looking, smooth and nourished skin.  This facial will leave your skin protected from environmental factors and will continue to prevent ageing.

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The Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel

This incredible peel uses layers of enzymes that provide a powerful exfoliation and skin renewal. Book this facial for a deep cleanse that will reduce pigmentation, scarring and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It will resurface your skin to reveal a healthier, smoother layer.

Book now under Elemis Facials for $195

The Peptide 24/7 Skin Sync Facial

The perfect facial for skin wellness and restoration. This facial targets tired skin using radiance-restoring Peptide products, replenishing your skin. Our skin specialists use massage techniques combined with powerful botanical formulated products that improve circulation, rebalance your skin and leave you with a healthy glow.

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The Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial

This facial uses products that are rich in superfood ingredients and essential minerals to detoxify your skin, leaving it plumper, radiant and more energised. Designed to restore vital moisture and nutrient levels, maximise cell regeneration and provide oxygen to your skill cells. This facial is vegan friendly and is clinically proven to leave your skin fresh and vibrant.

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The Mens High Performance Skin Energiser Facial

Calling all men - we know you need a good facial after lockdown too!

Our Mens high performance skin energiser facial is perfect for dehydrated, ageing and tired skin. This extraction facial uses products that maximise cell regeneration and decongests the skin. Our skin specialists use multi-dynamic facial massages to boost circulation, provide deep relaxation and reinvigorate the skin. 

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The Biotec Personalised Facial

Using ground-breaking BIOTEC technology combined with active ingredients, this facial is designed to switch your skin back on and increase it’s natural cellular energy. With clinically proven results, your skin will look visibly more healthy, plump, firm and energised. For brightened, even toned skin, book in for this facial.

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The Elemis No-Touch Facial

Similarly to the Biotec Personalised Facial, this treatment uses cutting-edge BIOTEC technology to provide a No-Touch facial with safe-touch tools. This facial is designed to bring life back into your skin, targeting deep lines, dehydration, blemishes, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. 

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Sofie’s Skin Tip:

Taking the time to make your skin health a priority will leave your complexion feeling visibly healthy, radiant and calm. Our exclusive Elemis facial treatments are carefully curated by our team of skin experts to help target your unique skin concerns and combine the power of touch and advanced skin technologies to help achieve the best results possible.

One question I get asked by my clients a lot is “why should I be having a facial every 4 weeks?” and the answer is simple. By maintaining regular professional skin treatments along with a good at-home skincare routine, you are helping to support and maintain your skin’s health by working with the skin’s natural cell cycle to accelerate turnover and regulate function. 

Yes it may seem a little luxurious to be having a facial every 4 weeks but think of this like going to the gym. You cannot go to the gym once and expect to achieve your fitness goals after one session. Maintaining skin health is much the same. It takes time, patience and consistency. Oh and did I mention the best part, they are so incredibly relaxing too!


Our wide range of Elemis facials target many different skin types and needs from skin that’s oily, ageing, scarred, blemished, dehydrated or anything in between. 

Using our trusted, world-renowned Elemis skincare products to rejuvenate your skin, deeply cleanse your pores and leave you with glowing, healthy skin, you will feel like a new you.

Feeling in need of an expert facial post lockdown? Book in with us now.